Finding Safer Ways To Deliver Electricity

Finding Safer Ways To Deliver Electricity

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Premier Welcomes New Era In Bushfire Mitigation Innovation To Geelong

Victor P Taffa

Premier Ted Baillieu was in Geelong today to open Dulhunty Poles, a new manufacturing plant that constructs and supplies high fire resistant products to the electricity transmission and distribution sector.

Speaking at the opening, Premier Baillieu said a critical part of addressing recommendation 27 of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission was to explore the creation and implementation of technologies that greatly reduce bushfire risk.

“Following the devastation of Black Saturday, the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission made 67 recommendations, focused on protecting human life, and the Coalition Government has committed to implementing all of these.” Premier Baillieu said.

“Victoria’s ageing electricity assets, coupled with the size of its electricity distribution network, present a challenge to our state to replace ageing electricity infrastructure and to make changes to the network’s operation and management.”

“Opportunities to make power distribution safer can be achieved through the use of innovative electricity distribution equipment such as Dulhunty’s Titan distribution pole, which has characteristics to improve reliability, safety and capacity for fire mitigation.” Premier Baillieu said.

The Victorian Coalition Government has committed $50 Million in funding to commence the process of upgrading electricity distribution assets in the areas of highest bushfire risk. The state’s Bushfire Powerline Safety Taskforce is also expected to report options to replace electricity distribution infrastructure to the Victorian Government later this year.

The Premier was joined by Geelong Mayor John Mitchell and Director of Dulhunty Poles Pty Ltd Tony Wingrove at the new Moolap plant which is anticipated will bring 29 jobs to Geelong.

“Our plant manufactures engineered cement poles which are lightweight, have very high fire resistance, low carbon footprint and are non-conductive, compared with traditional wood and steel reinforced power poles.” Mr. Wingrove said.

“The infrastructure is fire-resistant and tested to ENA Bushfire Test Protocol (Western Fire Centre), showing strength retained after fire test exposure with no hazardous decomposition products and very low heat transmission due to its non-conductive nature.” Mr. Wingrove said.

Dulhunty Power products include distribution poles, substation fittings, fault indicators and tension monitoring systems.