Facebook Ahead Of The Henderson Government

Facebook Ahead Of The Henderson Government

Northern Territory Shadow Attorney-General John Elferink

Labor’s Legislative Laziness

Victor P Taffa

The use of a Facebook site to defame Territory school children draws attention to an opportunity missed by the Labor Government.

“In 2005, defamation laws around Australia were changed as part of a National Agreement.” Shadow Attorney General John Elferink said today.


“If the Territory Labor Government had not been lazy it would have taken the opportunity to change the criminal defamation laws as Western Australia did.”

“The effect of those changes in Western Australian was to make entries on sites such as Facebook a criminal offence.” Mr. Elferink said.

“But instead of taking the opportunity when it presented itself in the Territory, the Labor Government decided.”


‘The Territory did not consider it necessary to amend its criminal defamation provisions which are contained in the Criminal Code.’ (Attorney General Peter Toyne, February 14th, 2006)

“Western Australia amended its legislation to capture publications that were knowingly false and intended to cause harm as part of the criminal defamation laws.”

“If there is a change of Government, the Country Liberals will change the Criminal Code to capture the intent of the superior Western Australian legislation.” Mr. Elferink said.