Essential Road Works With No Alternative Route

Essential Road Works With No Alternative Route

Queensland Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls

More Labor Pain For Brisbane Motorists

Victor P Taffa

Motorists travelling on Brisbane’s North-Side could be in for more traffic pain after the Christmas-New Years break, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Treasurer and Clayfield MP Tim Nicholls is calling on the Bligh Labor Government to ensure proper steps are put in place to minimise any disruption when they approve plans to close busy Lutwyche Road.

“The plans I’ve seen show Lutwyche Rd southbound will be closed from 7 to 24 January.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“Then from 24 January when our kids start heading back to school, the right turn out of Maygar Street onto Lutwyche Road will be closed on weekends.”


“The closure of these roads because of the Airport Link and Northern Busway road resurfacing makes it imperative the roundabout on Sandgate Road at the East/West Arterial is fixed up.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“Having road works and restrictions on the two major Northern arterial roads carrying up to 100,000 vehicles per working day could be mayhem for motorists.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“We already know the roundabout at Sandgate Road is a problem. What people don’t want to have to deal with is more problems if they divert to Lutwyche Road to avoid snarls on Sandgate Road.”

“The Labor Government needs to come clean and tell Northside residents who bear the brunt of rat running what will be done to protect them.” Mr. Nicholls said.

The New South Wales Government is widening the Iron Cove Bridge at Drummoyne. This Bridge is about 40 years too late and at White Bay there is no Plan to improve this chaotic section of Victoria Road. The New South Wales Government bought the White Bay Hotel Site that burnt down in mysterious circumstances and the reasons for the purchase are similarly a mystery.

The chaos on Victoria Road through Drummoyne is woeful and while the new Bridge will add lane capacity to the Iron Cove Bridge it is the lack of planning for the White Bay end that will simply turn Victoria Road into a carpark.

Railway Expansion Plans as contained in includes The Eastwood Line and The Hills Line that will in reality be a real solution to the Victoria Road carpark.

The Hills Line will be required as Epping Junction will become very busy when the long overdue Parramatta-Epping Link and Northern Line Y Junction become operational. Trains at Epping’s Underground Platform 4 should also head in a Southerly Direction onto The Northern Line.

Editor Victor P Taffa however looks forward to a new career move and life in Victoria.