Environmental Awards For Resources Industry

Environmental Awards For Resources Industry

Western Australia Minister for Mines and Petroleum Norman Moore

Golden Gecko To Celebrate 20 Years Of Achievement In Environmental Excellence

Victor P Taffa

Western Australia’s Prestigious Golden Gecko Awards for Environmental Excellence will celebrate its 20th Anniversary this year.

Applications for the 2011 Golden Gecko Awards which recognise innovation, leadership and performance of environmental management in WA’s resources sector and related services open today.

Mines and Petroleum Minister Norman Moore said it was encouraging to see that each year, organisations and individuals promoted their efforts and demonstrated the creativity and responsibility of the State’s resources sector.

“This year is a particularly special year as we celebrate two decades of the advancement of environmental management in our resources sector.” Mr. Moore said.

“In the past 19 years, we have seen the achievements of winning entries become standard industry practice, raising the sector’s environmental performance across the board. Last year, groups such as Crosslands Resources and Pluto Resources won awards.”

Crosslands was awarded the gecko for its research and innovative sampling technique into the endangered Schedule 1 Shield-back Trapdoor spiders. Results provided a new low impact technique for fauna surveys and reduced the buffer zone required around the spiders.

Pluton Resources was recognised for its limited impact exploration project on environmentally sensitive Irvine Island. Pluton reduced its ground disturbance from 30m2 to just 5m2 for its drilling platforms, which also contains drilling mud and hydrocarbons in a closed system.

Cliffs Asia Pacific Iron Ore and Rio Tinto Iron Ore received certificates of merit, Cliffs for management of malleefowl and Rio for an integrated data management system.

Entries close at 4 pm, Friday, April 8, 2011.

Recently Editor Victor P Taffa sent an email to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh with regards to an update of the draining of the water from the Queensland Coal Mines. While this same email went to Opposition Leader John Paul-Langbroek as a matter of courtesy and bi-partisanship it would appear that Premier Bligh either finds it beneath herself to respond to the email or the ratbag left-wing forces who hate Coal Mining do not intend to allow for the Queensland Coal Mines to re-open.

Australia has become so bogged down in dirty politics that at every turn people are intent at stopping Victor P Taffa and Railway and Expansion.

The issue that Premier Bligh should remember is that Coal Mining for all of its dirty philosophy contributes in a huge way towards the standard of living that we have become accustomed to.

Common Courtesy and Human Respect are NOT Party Political Matters.

Editor Victor P Taffa is NOT a current financial member of any Political Party.