Election Commitment On TAFE Fees Delivered

Election Commitment On TAFE Fees Delivered

Victoria Minister for Higher Education & Skills Peter Hall

Major Changes To TAFE Training Fees For Youth Health Care Card Holders

Victor P Taffa

The Coalition Government has fast-tracked an election pledge to ensure TAFE concession fee places for 15 to 24 year old students holding a Health Care Card will be available from 1 February this year.

Minister for Higher Education and Skills Peter Hall today announced the Coalition would provide $56 Million to cut fees for Health Care Card holders by 95 % resulting in major savings for young people accessing Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses.

“The Coalition Government’s commitment will ensure annual TAFE training fees for youth health care card holders will cost just $100 a substantial saving from the usual tuition fee rates of up to $2,000.” Mr. Hall said.

The Minister said the implementation of concession fee places had been fast tracked to ensure that students enrolling in new courses in 2011 would not miss out.


“As the bulk of enrolments take place in January/February the Coalition has sped up the implementation of concession fee places, and in doing so, removed a major financial barrier to training for young people from families with lower incomes.” Mr. Hall said.

“Young people continue to be under-represented in Victoria’s education and labour market with around 17 % of 15 to 19 year olds and almost a quarter of 20 to 24 year olds not engaged in full time education or employment.”

Mr. Hall said families with lower incomes often found it difficult to meet TAFE fees upfront and were less able to accumulate significant debt, which made it more difficult for them to take up higher levels of vocational training.

“The Coalition Government is committed to removing barriers to vocational education to help young people enter employment and gain the skills they need to contribute to the Victorian economy.” Mr. Hall said.

Mr. Hall said the Coalition had also committed to reviewing all fee structures across the training system introduced by the previous government to ensure there was continued support for those who needed to broaden their skills to gain or maintain employment.

“We will review this program after one year and that review will feed into a wider view of the fees structure across the vocational education and training sector in Victoria.” Mr. Hall said.

Concession Fee places will only be available to students studying at TAFE institutes in Victoria, and TAFE Enrolment Officers will identify eligible students.