Dubious Decisions On Trade

Dubious Decisions On Trade

South Australia Shadow Minister for Industry & Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith

Rann’s Italian Job – Pick The Odd One Out

Victor P Taffa

For the second day in a row during Parliament Premier Rann didn’t answer questions about the Government’s investments in Puglia, Italy perhaps he will be more forthcoming with information tomorrow.

“The Premier did list South Australia’s Special Envoys some of whom may have had their positions terminated in the recent budget cuts though the Minister for Industry and Trade refused to name which Envoys would go in recent Budget Estimates.” South Australia Shadow Minister for Industry & Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith said today.

“There is something strange about the list provided by the Premier today there is an odd person out”:

  • John Olsen – Former Premier of South Australia
  • Alfred Huang – Former Adelaide Lord Mayor
  • Darren Lehman – Former South Australian and Australian Cricket Great
  • Brian Hayes QC – Prominent South Australian Barrister
  • Nicola Sasanelli – …?

“All South Australians would immediately identify the odd-person out in this line up of Special Envoys: all but one is prominent and high achieving South Australians.” Mr. Hamilton-Smith said.

“The Opposition again calls on the Premier to come clean with the taxpayers of South Australia and reveal how much is Mr. Nicola Sasanelli really paid and how much is funded by the Department of Premier and Cabinet?”

“They also deserve to know which Government officials have travelled to Puglia when and at what cost?” Mr. Hamilton-Smith asked.

“They deserve to know exactly how much has been spent on Fiera del Levante and is there any benefit to the South Australian economy?”

“Finally, they deserve to know what is the cost benefit analysis of investing in Puglia instead of Italy as a whole, or others of our top twenty Trading Partners?” Mr. Hamilton-Smith asked.