Container Deposit Scheme Has Merit

Container Deposit Scheme Has Merit

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Environment Matthew Groom

More Information Needed On CDS

Victor P Taffa

While the Liberals support the concept of a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), more information is needed in order to develop a suitable scheme for Tasmania, according to Shadow Minister for Environment Matthew Groom.

“Following debate in the Legislative Council today, we remain supportive of the concept of a CDS provided it can be shown to be effective and cost efficient.”

“In our view, further work needs to be done to properly understand the design such a scheme should take in order to ensure it is effective and cost efficient.” Mr. Groom said.

“An inquiry into Container Deposit Legislation is currently under way in Victoria and the report is due in early 2012.”


“This report will specifically address cost of living concerns as well as other important matters that should be examined prior to introducing a CDS. This could potentially help inform the debate here in Tasmania.” Mr. Groom said.

“Further, the roll-out of a scheme in the Northern Territory in January 2012 will also provide us with further insight into how to best develop a scheme in Tasmania, particularly where an existing curbside collection scheme is in place.”

“There is no doubt that Tasmanians have serious concerns about litter rates, with Tasmania having the worst litter rate in the country.”

“But it is important that any strategy is developed in the best interest of Tasmanians, and is practical and cost effective.” Mr. Groom said.