Collier’s 5 Point Training Plan

Collier’s 5 Point Training Plan

Western Australia Minister for Training & Workforce Development Peter Collier

State Government Provides Extra Funding To Train More West Australians

Victor P Taffa

The State Government has approved funding to provide nearly 8,000 additional Training Places in 2011 to meet increased demand.

Almost $25 Million has been allocated, including about $2 Million for Aboriginal Training Places.

Training and Workforce Development Minister Peter Collier said this was another significant step in helping to address demand for skills in priority occupations.

“The increased training will assist industry development in Western Australia by providing additional skilled labour in areas where skill shortages are expected.” Mr. Collier said.

“We are providing as many training opportunities as possible to enable all West Australians to contribute to, and benefit from, this coming period of Economic Growth.”



“This includes helping people to change their existing careers or upskill into more rewarding and long-term careers, while also ensuring jobseekers are ‘work ready’, allowing them to either move directly into employment or pursue further training at higher levels.” Mr. Collier said.

This allocation is in addition to $19.4 Million set aside in the 2010-11 State Budget to fund an extra 7,600 training places in industry priority areas, including apprenticeships and traineeships.

“Since this Government came into office, we have invested an additional $50 Million to support an estimated 17,000 additional training places.” the Minister said.

“These places are targeted at critical occupations in demand, as well as increasing WA’s Aboriginal workforce participation.” Mr. Collier said.

The increase is also in line with recommendations and strategies outlined in ‘Skilling WA:  A workforce development plan for Western Australia’, which the Minister launched last week to help meet future labour needs.

As a whole-of-Government document, Skilling WA Identifies Five Strategic Goals:

  • Increasing participation in the workforce, particularly among the under-employed and disengaged, mature-aged workers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and other under-represented groups;
  • Supplementing the WA workforce with skilled migrants to fill employment vacancies unable to be filled by the local workforce and addressing those factors which support a growing population;
  • Attracting workers with the right skills to the State’s workforce and retaining them by offering access to rewarding employment and a diverse and vibrant community and environment to live in;
  • Providing flexible, responsive and innovative education and training which enables people to develop and utilise the skills necessary for them to realise their potential and contribute to WA’s prosperity;
  • Planning and co-ordinating a strategic State Government response to workforce development issues in WA.