Cheese Manufacturing Plant Shifts To Tasmania

Cheese Manufacturing Plant Shifts To Tasmania

South Australia Shadow Minister for Food Adrian Pederick

Another Business Forced To Leave SA Under Labor

Victor P Taffa

Yet another business has been forced to leave South Australia with National Foods closing its cheese-making operations at Murray Bridge and Jervois threatening 103 jobs.

National Foods announced today they would centralise their specialty cheese manufacturing in Tasmania forcing the sale of two local plants.

Under Labor South Australia has become the highest taxed State in the nation putting the squeeze on businesses and forcing them to look interstate for a more competitive market.


Shadow Food Minister and local Member Adrian Pederick said today that Labor must be held accountable for the uncompetitive business environment that has developed in South Australia forcing regional businesses to shut their doors.

“Regional South Australia is bearing the brunt of Labor’s reckless economic mismanagement as businesses are forced to move interstate to remain competitive.” Mr. Pederick said.

“February’s Sensis Business Index revealed just 4% of South Australian businesses support Labor’s policies and a staggering 40 % say Labor’s policies actively work against them.”

“National Foods is shutting down in South Australia but at the same time it is spending $120 Million on the Burnie Plant in Tasmania.” Mr. Pederick said.

“This is a cruel blow to the Region that is already suffering as more and more dairy farms are forced to close. You would have to wonder if National Food’s decision would have been the same if these dairies were still in operation.”

“Labor’s failure to negotiate full allocation for irrigators was the nail in the coffin of many local dairy farmers around the lower Murray and lakes.” Mr. Pederick said.

“National Foods’ decision is a cruel blow to this region’s economy, which is trying to recover from years of chronically low water levels.”

“Labor must ensure South Australia and the Murraylands do not lose vital industries and jobs at this critical time.” Mr. Pederick said.