Cheap Shots Should Be Withdrawn

Cheap Shots Should Be Withdrawn

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Indigenous Policy Adam Giles

Vatskalis Should Apologise

Victor P Taffa

The head of the External Monitoring and Reporting Committee’s half-hearted apology for comparing Aboriginal people with cave men falls well short of removing the stain these insulting comments have left.

In the report, the committee compares Indigenous people with Neolithic British and Iron Age Italians in the process condemning Aboriginal Australians to the status of cave dwellers.

“Trying to justify domestic violence by linking the genealogy of Aboriginal men to the Neolithic British and Iron Age Italians is a disgrace.” Shadow Minister for indigenous Policy Adam Giles said.

“The apology issued by the committee today is too little, too late.”

“There simply is no apology for what was contained in the report, but while I acknowledge Professor Vimpani has at least made an effort, the same can’t be said for Minister Kon Vatskalis, who has defended and supported the comments.” Mr. Giles said.

“As the person who appointed the committee and tabled the report, Minister Vatskalis should now declare if he supports the justification that Indigenous domestic violence is as a result of links to the Neanderthal era.”

“By tabling this report, the Minister has brought untold shame to Aboriginal people and in light of Professor Vimpani’s apology, the Minister should withdraw the report and he should also say sorry.” Mr. Giles said.