Carbon Tax Transport Hike Will Hit People Hard

Carbon Tax Transport Hike Will Hit People Hard

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Transport Peter Styles

Fuelling Resentment

Victor P Taffa

Shadow Transport Minister Peter Styles says the Henderson Labor Government should take a stand against the proposal to put a $26 a tonne carbon tax on the price of fuel.

Mr. Styles said the call by Labor’s climate change adviser, Ross Garnaut for fuel to be included in Federal Labor’s carbon tax will hit Territorians already struggling under the strain of the high cost of living.

“Under Professor Garnaut’s plan, the pump price of petrol would increase by about 6 cents a litre and the price of diesel by 7 cents a litre.” Mr. Styles said.

“Petrol produces about 2.35kg of carbon per litre and diesel 2.68kg per litre. On the basis that Professor Garnaut wants fuel taxed at $26 a tonne, even more strain will be placed on Territory family budgets.”

“And this additional impost doesn’t include other household outlays that will be hit by the carbon tax.” Mr. Styles said.

“The price of groceries will increase in line with higher manufacturing and transport costs and the standard PowerWater bill, through higher electricity charges, will cause prices to head north.”

“The Territory is a growing economy with large pockets of disadvantaged people, who should be exempted from the carbon tax.”

“The Henderson Government should adhere to the will of the Northern Territory Parliament and confront the Gillard Labor Government about its carbon tax plans.” Mr. Styles said.

The Carbon Tax price hike in petrol prices will flow through to diesel fuel and that will result in train ticket price rises. Any train trip that is operated by a diesel service will be hit hard by the Carbon Tax.