Cappo Resigns

Cappo Resigns

South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

Cappo Resignation Slap In Face To Weatherill

Victor P Taffa

Monsignor David Cappo has resigned from his position as Social Inclusion Commissioner, providing another slap in the face to Jay Weatherill’s future leadership.

Leader of the Opposition Isobel Redmond said this is a serious blow to Premier-in-waiting Jay Weatherill who will inherit a crisis ravaged Labor Government on 21 October this year.

“This is hardly a ringing endorsement of Mr. Weatherill as future Premier.” Ms. Redmond said.

“What we’re seeing is a number of people affiliated with Labor effectively announcing they can’t work with Mr. Weatherill, deserting the sinking ship.”

“Minister in charge of Olympic Dam negotiations Kevin Foley this week announced he couldn’t work with Mr. Weatherill, so he’s jumping ship.” Ms. Redmond said.

“Not only that, but former senior Minister Paul Holloway announced his resignation only last month.”

“The departure en masse of experienced Labor Ministers and MPs is the last thing Mr. Weatherill needs right now.”

“Mr. Weatherill and Labor are now in damage control it’s quickly becoming a case of rats deserting the sinking ship.” Ms. Redmond said.

The remuneration for Monsignor Cappo’s part time position as Social Inclusion Commissioner was reportedly $115,000 a contract which was re-signed in March this year for a further four years.

Monsignor Cappo has been appointed to various other highly paid positions by lame duck Premier Mike Rann, including the Economic Development Board.

“Monsignor Cappo should not have been acting as a human shield for the Labor Government’s sustained failures on social inclusion.” Ms. Redmond said.