Bullet Train For Australia Party Stands In 4 Seats At 2016 Federal Election

Bullet Train For Australia Party Stands In 4 Seats At 2016 Federal Election

High Speed Rail (HSR)– Our Future

Victor P Taffa

Polling Day Saturday 2 July 2016

Bullet Train For Australia Party is fielding candidates at the 2016 Federal Election in the following House Of Representatives seats:

  • Canberra
  • Corio
  • Fenner
  • Hume

“I am standing as the candidate for Bullet Train for Australia party in the Hume federal electorate because all of Hume, and especially the community of Goulburn, would benefit hugely from HSR.” Trevor Anthoney Bullet Train For Australia Party Candidate for Hume said.

Goulburn would gain both economically and socially by becoming one of the first regional centres to be linked by any Australian east coast high speed rail network. It would also be an ideal location to develop and manufacture solar and wind technologies which could provide electricity for the trains.

“33 years of talk and neglect by all sides of politics has left our nation unable to make a commitment to this essential infrastructure. I want to see this country move into the 21st century now, not in another 50 years.”

Mr. Anthoney supports:

  • Establish an executive authority to oversee and further the concept of HSR,
  • Formalizing inter-governmental agreements,
  • Establishing federal financial commitment,
  • Commence planning and detailed engineering studies for Stage 1 (Sydney-Canberra).

“I want to help create public transport that my children and millions of Australians along the east coast can easily access. Anyone who has been only a bullet train anywhere in the world will tell you it is the only way to travel.” Mr. Anthoney said.

“If you want to boost local economies, if you really want to talk about ‘jobs and growth’, then we should be more than just ‘talking’ about high speed rail. My ‘three word slogan’ for this election is applicable to all parties; “Less talk, more action”.”

“If you would like to have bullet train transport that is clean, efficient, good for our families, communities, and cities, then Vote 1 Trevor Anthoney, Bullet Train for Australia for the electorate of Hume, then as you normally would.” Mr. Anthoney said.