Bring Back The Pony Express

Bring Back The Pony Express

Federal Member for Solomon Natasha Griggs

Gillard Confirms “Price Impact” As Labor-Greens Alliance Launches Carbon Tax Assault On Family Budgets

Victor P Taffa

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Senator Bob Brown and their Labor-Green alliance have launched a full-scale assault on Australian families and their household budgets.

“The new Carbon Tax will hit household budgets and hurt families.” Natasha Griggs, Federal Member for Solomon said.

“Just prior to the election, Ms. Gillard told Australians “there will be no carbon tax under the Government I lead.”

“The day before the election newspapers, believing what she’d said, reported her commitment on their front pages. But it seems this was a promise she never planned on keeping. Her broken promise is nothing less than a total betrayal.”

“The Greens are now in full control of the Government’s agenda. Bob Brown is the real decision-maker in the Labor-Greens alliance Government.” Mrs. Griggs said.

“Just take a moment to think about how truly concerning that is.”

At a time when household budgets are already under pressure, Ms. Gillard and Labor have decided to listen to the Greens and to green-light a massive hit to families.

In a recent interview with Neil Mitchell on 3AW, Ms. Gillard confirmed, on many occasions, there’d be “price impacts”.

“It’s not a price impact, Ms. Gillard, it’s a price hike.” Mrs. Griggs said.

“Julia Gillard and Bob Brown should come clean on just how big the hit to family budgets will be.”

If Ms. Gillard gets her way, families will have to pay $300 more for power each year and will be paying at least six cents a litre more on petrol. A carbon tax will cause other taxes, levies and fees to rise. This tax on a tax will force consumers to pay more in GST, stamp duty, capital gains tax and even council rates.

“I have recently voiced concern in Parliament House about these increases on Territorian families, who already pay higher than average living costs.” Mrs. Griggs said.

“Ms Gillard and Labor have sold out Aussie families. Ms. Gillard and Labor just can’t be trusted.”

“Over the last week I have received a number of emails from constituents raising their concerns about the carbon tax.” Mrs. Griggs said.

“To further highlight this while walking in the mall today, numerous business owners approached me to raise their concerns on the impacts that a carbon tax will have on the territory economy and on their own businesses.” Mrs. Griggs said.

In light of community concern on this issue a petition asking the House of Representatives to reject any proposal for a carbon tax and instead take direct action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, without driving up electricity and petrol prices, is available for signing at the Solomon Electorate office located at 30 Smith Street Mall, Darwin.

The Gillard/Brown Coalition Government is more interested in slugging ordinary Australians with a Carbon Tax than building Railway and Tramway Lines. Prime Minister Gillard and Senator Brown should address how new Railway and Tramway Lines will be built and not destroy the Coal Industry at the same time.

How will Prime Minister Gillard and Senator Brown tell the decent people of Victoria that they cannot have Expanded and Improved Railways and Tramways as announced by Victoria Liberal Premier Baillieu?

How will Senator Brown tell the decent people of Tasmania that they cannot have a Rail Ferry and new Passenger Rail Services in Tasmania?

Perhaps Prime Minister Gillard and Senator Brown would rather all Australians commute by horse and buggy so as to lower Carbon Emissions.