Big Swings Against Labor

Big Swings Against Labor

Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Voters Send Labor And The Greens A Clear Message

Victor P Taffa

Tasmanian voters have responded positively to the Liberal’s campaign to send Labor and the Greens a clear message, and have delivered a stinging rebuke to the government, Opposition Leader Will Hodgman said today.

“However you measure it, Labor and the Greens had massive swings recorded against them yesterday.”

“Tasmanians have had enough of this government’s arrogance and self interest and their failure to act on the important issues of the economy, jobs and the cost of living.” Mr. Hodgman said.


“Tasmanians are also very concerned at the inherent instability of the Green-Labor experiment, typified by the bizarre situation which now sees the Green candidate in Rumney effectively kingmaker as to whether or not Lin Thorp survives.”

“If yesterday’s Legislative Council election results were replicated in a statewide lower house election, the Liberals would win a clear majority.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“Compared to last year’s state election, support for Labor was down on average 10 % across the three seats, and 8 % for the Greens (a massive -12 % in Rumney, based on the same booths in the state election, an effective halving of the Green vote).”

“While the Liberal’s Sam McQuestin topped the poll with 34 % of the vote in Launceston, Labor’s candidate Steve Bishop recorded a miserly 19 %.”

“In Rumney, Lin Thorp suffered a swing of 18 % against her compared to the 2005 Rumney election, and recorded nearly 30 % less votes.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“In Labor-heartland of Derwent the Labor primary vote was down to less than 39 % a 13 % decline from the last Derwent election just two years ago.”

“Whether or not Minister Lin Thorp scrapes over the line, the message is clear: Tasmanians have had enough of this Government.” Mr. Hodgman said.