Baillieu/Ryan Government To Invest In Natural Gas For Regional Victoria

Baillieu/Ryan Government To Invest In Natural Gas For Regional Victoria

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Victoria Shadow Minister for Regional & Rural Development Peter Ryan

$100 Million Natural Gas Fund To Unlock Potential Of Regional Victoria

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will invest $100 Million over the next four years to extend Natural Gas across Regional Victoria and encourage greater investment in the Regions.

Announcing the Coalition’s Energy for the Regions Plan in Avoca today, Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu and Shadow Minister for Regional and Rural Development and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan said the Coalition will build greater prosperity and opportunity and a better quality of life for Rural and Regional Victorians.

“A Coalition Government will connect homes and businesses to a more dependable energy source that is cheaper and better for the Environment.” Mr. Baillieu said.


“We will invest $100 Million in our first term of Government in the Energy for the Regions program to drive new investment in regional communities through new industry and business opportunities.”

“It will create more jobs and long-term career opportunities and encourage more people to live and work in Regional Victoria.” Mr. Baillieu said.

A Coalition Government will fast-track the delivery of Natural Gas, subject to applications from the Relevant Councils, to an initial Twelve Towns including:

  • Avoca;
  • Bannockburn;
  • Heathcote;
  • Huntly;
  • Invermay;
  • Lakes Entrance;
  • Maldon;
  • Marong;
  • Orbost;
  • Terang;
  • Warburton;
  • Winchelsea.

The Energy for the Regions Program would also be open to applications from Towns across Rural and Regional Victoria.

“In areas where the extension of reticulated natural gas is currently too expensive for local communities, we will invest funds to leverage the construction of these Projects.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“It is hard to believe that 40 years after the Natural Gas Network was installed in Victoria and 11 years after Labor came to power, so many of our Regional Towns still cannot access this valuable and readily available resource.”

“There’s something wrong when we can build a pipeline from Gippsland to Tasmania to export natural gas but we can’t connect our own communities to this vital resource.” Mr. Baillieu said.

Mr. Ryan said the unavailability of Natural Gas in Towns such as Avoca, Lakes Entrance and Heathcote had prevented Growth and Hindered Business.

“Households and businesses in regional Victoria without access to natural gas are forced to use expensive bottled Liquid Petroleum Gas and Electricity.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Natural Gas is a cheaper and cleaner source of Energy that can lower household costs by anywhere between $600 and $1,200 a year.”

“These savings have major economic benefits, boosting the prosperity of towns and making it easier to establish and grow businesses in Regional Victoria.” Mr. Ryan said.

Mr. Ryan said the Energy for the Regions Program would be funded through the Coalition’s $1 Billion Regional Growth Fund.

“Our $100 Million commitment includes the $1 Million the Coalition announced last week to conduct a feasibility study to connect towns along the Murray River to Natural Gas.” Mr. Ryan said.

“These investments will provide the necessary resources to turn our vision for Natural Gas into a reality.”

“The Coalition’s Plan will deliver a brighter and bolder future for Regional Victoria with new prosperity, more opportunities and a better quality of life.” Mr. Ryan said.

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VIC Shadow Minister for Regional & Rural Development Peter Ryan

VIC Shadow Minister for Regional & Rural Development Peter Ryan