Baillieu/Ryan Government To Implement Bushfire Plan Of Action

Baillieu/Ryan Government To Implement Bushfire Plan Of Action

Victoria Shadow Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan

Coalition To Support Local Government To Plan For Fire

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will create additional last-resort options for people under threat from a bushfire and will support councils to better plan for fire, Shadow Minister for Bushfire Response Peter Ryan said today.

Mr. Ryan said the Coalition’s plans reflected its promise to act to implement the recommendations of the Bushfires Royal Commission.

“Councils across Victoria already perform an important role in local emergency management planning.” Mr. Ryan said.

“This role is expected to grow as a result of the Commission recommending that councils conduct local planning to ensure that Victorian communities are provided with additional local options to survive a fire.”

“The Commission called on the state to help councils undertake this planning and the Coalition has responded with an $11.3 Million pledge to deploy additional emergency management capacity in councils as an initiative to be delivered in conjunction with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV).” Mr. Ryan said.

“A Coalition Government will also create a $13 Million grants program to support councils and communities to establish further neighbourhood safer places (NSPs) and refuges across the state and will replace the 2005 refuges policy as a matter of priority.”

Mr. Ryan said the Coalition would take the appropriate steps required to ensure Victorian communities were better-equipped to survive a fire.

“The Brumby Government has failed to deliver sufficient contingency options for communities in the form of refuges and neighbourhood safer places.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Unlike Labor, the Coalition will take up the task of ensuring such facilities are provided and will also support local planning that incorporates the notion of emergency evacuation.”

“We will provide $250,000 to support the development of databases of vulnerable people who may require assisted evacuation and we will provide $15 million to the CFA to assist councils to develop bushfire plans and to test these plans with community fire drills.”

“The Coalition is committed to strengthening the range of options available to Victorians in the face of fire and will support local government to deliver a safer Victoria.” Mr. Ryan said.


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