Australia: The Land Of Opportunity

Australia: The Land Of Opportunity

Australia Day: 26 January 2011

Victor P Taffa

As Australia struggles to survive raging floodwaters in Queensland and Victoria the celebration of Australia Day on 26 January 2011 could not have arrived at a time of a greater need to uplift our spirits. The Television coverage of the Toowoomba Funerals is an unforgettable sight.

Over the years the Ethnicity of Victor P Taffa has been questioned in the context of ever sitting as a Member of Parliament or any other Job of Importance.

The Ancestors of Victor P Taffa came to Australia from Lebanon in the 1870’s in the first wave of Lebanese Catholic Melkite Migrants to arrive to our shores.



Father’s Side:

Ron Taffa who is alive and well is the Father of Victor P Taffa. The Taffa name was anglicized. Ron Taffa’s Father’s Family came from Lebanon and settled in Braidwood, New South Wales before moving to Sydney.

Adele Bacash married Ron Taffa’s Father who lived in Melbourne. Other relations currently reside in Melbourne. The Bacash Family started a Pie Shop at the top end of Bourke Street Melbourne.

Ron Taffa had a Brother named Victor Phillip Taffa who died of a massive heart attack aged 44 years on 12 March 1965. Editor Victor P Taffa who was born on 13 April 1965 is named after his Late Uncle.

Ron Taffa had a Brother Eddy who served in the Navy during World War II and upon returning home lived in Cooma, New South Wales while running a Grocery Store. Ron Taffa has over the years relived memories of Adaminaby being moved to make way for the construction of the Snowy Mountains Scheme. Thoughts of relocating parts of Rockhampton, Queensland are not so absurd when past history is any guide to go by.

Mother’s Side:

Margaret Sayegh Taffa is also alive and well and a part of the Sayegh Family. Margaret Taffa’s Father was Eugene Sayegh. Born in Auckland New Zealand in 1900 Eugene Sayegh came to Australia in 1917. The Sayegh Family came from Lebanon to New Zealand.

In 1927 Eugene Sayegh was the First Person of Lebanese Descent to be admitted to the Bar in New South Wales as a Solicitor. In 1946 Eugene Sayegh defeated William Dovey Q.C. in a Divorce Trial. William Dovey Q.C. was the Father of Margaret Dovey Whitlam.

Margaret Taffa’s Mother Zoe Malouf came from Cooktown, Queensland. Zoe Malouf married Eugene Sayegh in 1928. Zoe Malouf Sayegh had a Sister Fifie Malouf who married Herb Abdy. Herb ran a Department Store in Gympie, Queensland. Zoe Malouf Sayegh also had a Brother Philip Malouf. After serving in the Air Force in World War II Philip Malouf established the Zebra Chain of Motels as well as a Legal Career.

Victor P Taffa supports Australia remaining a Constitutional Monarchy and the Royal Family. The constant slur that England began Australia and Lebanon was a French Colony is an insult and why a life in Victoria would be a better alternative. If this was a one-off joke that could be ignored however this slur has been perpetrated by many Politicians for too long.

Victor P Taffa supports both The United States and Great Britain. However when it comes to building Railway Lines and Tramway Lines these are matters that only Australia can decide. Similarly The Northern Territory MUST become the State of Northern Australia for the sake of the welfare of all Territorians.