Ambulance Service Is Thanks To St. John And Not The Henderson Government

Ambulance Service Is Thanks To St. John And Not The Henderson Government

Northern Territory Shadow Treasurer Willem Westra van Holthe

Ambulance Chasers

Victor P Taffa

The Henderson Government is stretching the truth with its claim additional funding for St. John will result in a 24-hour, seven day a week ambulance service in Katherine.

Shadow Treasurer and Member for Katherine, Willem Westra van Holthe said contrary to the Government’s claims, the Town has had a 24-hour Ambulance service for the best part of the year.

“I would have thought the Chief Minister and Health Minister would have been aware of this fact.” Mr. Westra van Holthe said.

“This further highlights how out of touch this Government is with the Katherine Region.”

“St. John funded the 24/7 service out of its existing budget and it’s a credit to this organisation that it was prepared to stretch its resources to meet the extensive need for a Permanent Service in Katherine.”

“While the new money is welcome, it’s thanks to St John we have a non-stop Ambulance Service, not the Government.” Mr. Westra van Holthe said.

Victoria Minister for Health David Davis

Victoria Minister for Health David Davis









As yet another Prime Minister attempts so-called ‘Health Reform’ one should consider the failings of some Government’s.

The New South Wales Labor Government has had its Ambulance Service Emergency Response Service Computer System collapse. While as the Minister Carmel Tebbutt has talked of “System Renewals” it simply shows that a back-up System is not a luxury but a necessity to introduce. Similarly one wonders if the Police and Fire Emergency Response Systems are as ill-equipped as the Ambulance Service has shown to be in a Systems collapse.

The Former Victoria Brumby Labor Government merged the Metropolitan and Rural Ambulance Services to form Ambulance Victoria. New Minister for Health David Davis referred repeatedly to complaints from Paramedics on the problems that the merger created.

The Commonwealth Government seeks to take by stealth State Government money and redistribute it in a 50:50 Partnership. The problem that this will cause is that the Financial Base and Independence of State Government’s are again under attack.