Alice Springs Jail Becomes A Juvenile Detention Facility

Alice Springs Jail Becomes A Juvenile Detention Facility

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Justice John Elferink

Full Circle In Alice Springs

Victor P Taffa

Shadow Minister for Justice John Elferink said Alice Springs residents won’t be fooled by the Labor Government’s latest announcements to tackle youth crime.

“The Henderson Government’s going full circle, with plans to use part of Alice Springs jail as a juvenile detention facility.” Mr. Elferink said.

“Labor rolled back the juvenile facility at Aranda House in Alice Springs after taking office.”

“Ten years later, it has come full circle and decided Alice Springs now needs a juvenile detention centre.” Mr. Elferink said.

“The trouble is, over the past decade, residents and business operators in Alice Springs have had to carry the burden of young thugs running rampant around the town because of this Government’s policy failures.”

Mr. Elferink said the plan for safe houses was nothing new Labor was working on a similar model in August 2003.

He said Labor’s tough talk on bail is too little, too late. The Government should enforce the conditions of the Bail Act and make people who breach Bail pay the money they promise when their Bail conditions are set.

“The Government’s announcement is a recycled package that has taken 10 years to introduce.” Mr. Elferink said.

“What the Government should be doing is beefing up enforcement in Alice Springs by recruiting an additional 20 Police to the Town.”

“The Government’s inaction while law and order in the town has broken down over the past few months is a disgrace.”

“The Labor Government has been missing in action while Alice Springs residents and business operators have been the victims of one of the worst crime waves in memory.” Mr. Elferink said.