Alice Springs Homelessness Program Launched By Minister

Alice Springs Homelessness Program Launched By Minister

Northern Territory Minister for Housing and Community Development Gerald McCarthy

New Program To Help Prevent Homelessness In Alice Springs

Victor P Taffa

Homelessness services in Alice Springs will today receive a boost when Minister for Housing and Community Development Gerry McCarthy announces a Homelessness Innovation Fund grant to support people into housing.

A Territory Government grant of just over $980,000 has been awarded to a new and innovative program to prevent and alleviate homelessness in Alice Springs.

Mr. McCarthy said sadly Alice Springs and its surrounding region has the fifth highest homelessness rate in Australia.

“We have listened and we are taking action to address homelessness in Alice Springs as it impacts the entire community.” Mr. McCarthy said.

“Central Australian Affordable Housing Company’s My Place program has been awarded a $980,000 grant to support people to move into private rentals and provide ongoing support.”

“No one should be sleeping rough, especially in vulnerable circumstances or during winter, yet it happens far too often around Alice Springs that’s why we are investing in programs to reduce homelessness and support people in need.” Mr. McCarthy said.

My Place will work with people experiencing mental health or complex issues, or escaping domestic violence to move into a place they can call home.

“A home is the foundation for people to connect, be healthy and ultimately contribute to society.” Mr. McCarthy said.

“We are funding innovative ways to prevent homelessness and provide people with care to help them get back on their feet having a home are one of the most important necessities in life.”

My Place will prevent people ending up (back) on the street with 2 initiatives:

  • Subsidised private rental program will provide a rental subsidy to support people in need to secure a private rental and intensive wrap around support to ensure tenants maintain stable housing. This program focuses on assisting people experiencing mental health issues or escaping domestic violence.
  • Private rental liaison program will assist people to secure private tenancies that are on low to moderate incomes but are facing challenges to secure a lease.

My Place will also provide ongoing support for 12 months to ensure tenants maintain stable housing.

Mr. McCarthy said My Place was an important program to contribute to reducing the high rate of homeless in Alice Springs. He said that similar models have been successfully implemented in other jurisdictions.

People will be referred to My Place by the Alice Springs Women’s Shelter and the Mental Health Association of Central Australia, who will continue to support people.

Department of Housing and Community Development have released a discussion paper ‘Pathways out of homelessness’, to contribute to a homelessness strategy to be released later this year.