Action Against Hoons Succeeding

Action Against Hoons Succeeding

Victoria Minister for Roads Terry Mulder

Record Number Of Hoons Off The Roads In First Three Months

Victor P Taffa

The tough new hoon laws introduced by the Victorian Coalition Government on 1 July have proven highly successful, with over 1,000 hoons’ vehicles impounded, Minister for Roads Terry Mulder announced today.

Mr. Mulder said statistics released by Victoria Police today show that the Coalition Government was serious about road safety. On 1 July the Coalition Government toughened anti-hoon laws, increasing the impoundment period from 48 hours to 30 days.

“After the first three months of Victoria’s toughest ever hoon laws more hoons than ever are off Victoria’s roads.” Mr. Mulder said.

“The Police have achieved outstanding enforcement results, with 1,038 cars impounded for the new 30 day period. Of these, 310 were impounded for unlicensed driving, 240 for speeding in excess of 45 km/h over the limit and 239 for using the vehicle improperly.”

Mr. Mulder said that those caught driving dangerously were subject to the new laws and tougher penalties.

“A new list of offences was added to the impoundment scheme three months ago, to come down harder on unlicensed driving, drink or drug driving and carrying more passengers than there are seats in a vehicle.” Mr. Mulder said.

“Hoons need to know that speeding and unlicensed driving is dangerous and won’t be tolerated.”

“Those caught committing extreme high risk offences, such as speeding in excess of 70 km/h, will be fast tracked and potentially have their car removed all together.” Mr. Mulder said.

“We are sending a tough message to all Victorian drivers that the Coalition Government has zero tolerance for dangerous behaviour on our roads.”

“Other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists in fact all of us don’t want hoons on the roads risking our lives.”

“It’s only three months in, and the results speak for themselves.” Mr. Mulder said.

“As more and more hoons are forced off the roads, we hope they’ll start getting the message.”

“We’re talking about changing behaviour here, and facing a month or more without your car is a good way to get the message across.”

“Once more and more people hear about hoons losing their cars, they’ll realise they could easily be next.” Mr. Mulder said.

Mr. Mulder said media coverage of the hoon crackdown will help get the message out, by getting people talking about this important community safety issue.

“My message to hoons is simple: this will hurt.” Mr. Mulder said.

“You’ll lose your car, pay fines and impoundment costs, and will be walking for at least a month. What will this mean for your job? What will this mean for your bank balance? Hooning is a very expensive exercise.”

Mr. Mulder said the next step was the introduction of a world first compulsory safe driver education program targeting hoons, with legislation to be introduced into parliament next year. Work is currently underway to develop the course.